Chachrist/Tui/Songkarn/Way/Jame are in shooting workshop shooting action for

Chachrist/Tui/Songkarn/Way/Jame performance of "My Best Bodyguard". They are in shooting workshop before shooting action scene in a movie

5 actors from big action movie "My Best Bodyguard" of Oriental Eyes company. Perform is Chachrist Yamnam, Tui Teerapat Sajakul, Way Parinya Intharachai and Jame Macky are going to shooting workshop for performance in a movie at The Royal Thai Police shooting gallery. Sale Replica Rolex UK

Performers go to shooting gallery and get introduce from officer of Police Education Bureau of Thailand. Start with Special Team for nation stability ( Name in a movie) shortness is NSSD. Performer are 18K White Gold Fake Rolex Watches Tui Teerapat Sajakul, Way Parinya Intharachai and Jame Macky. They are practise how to shooting , start with first basic untill advance.

While Chachrist Yamnam perform as "Tat" Best replica Watches UK a bodyguard of "Nicha" (Princess Ubonrat Rachakanya Siriwattanapanavadee) he practice how to use sniper that is his personal weapon. He said "Today is practice about how to use sniper gun. I think men love car and gun. So, must study about right tactic. This character must be looks realistically.

For Songkarn Thechanarong, he doesn't go to practice because he was leg hurt but officer have to introduce about how to use a gun, how to shooting Best Replica Watches and how to carry weapon.

Please waiting and follow our update of "My Best Bodyguard" soon.