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    The Legend of the Queen

    “The Legend of the Queen”
    ……One Thousand Wars…..
    ……One Million Warriors……
    ……Obedient under One……
    The greatest Queen Jamadevi the legend of the Queen
               A tale of a young lady who, plagued by memories of her former life, was one day plucked from the present and left in the world of her deep and ancient past…

              One thousand years ago during Dwaravadi Era, a baby girl was born with magical powers and grew up a fine lady of great Replica Rolex Cellini cheap wit and charm. Her profound beauty drew suitors from distant lands to Lavo, a kingdom most desired for the greatness and allure of its ruler’s daughter, Jamadevi herself. Brave at heart and firm in spirit to protect her motherland, Jamadevi led vast armies into the battle. With intelligence and wit no man could ever rival, she triumphed over many invaders. 

               Appointed to reign over Hariphunchai, Queen Jamadevi roamed far and wide across the kingdom, leading forces of warriors, monks, pundits and Hublot Replica Watches craftsmen in brave attempts to expand her territory to the greatest. However, before Queen Jamadevi could achieve her greatest desire, the storm of a great Replica Cartier Jewellery UK war erupted.    With her beloved land and freedom at stake, the revered Queen Jamadevi and her loyal warriors were about to encounter the most dreadful and mightiest army ever, knowing that if they lost, all would be lost.